New spray park for summer coolness at Vinkenhof campsite

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Summer at Vinkenhof campsite (the Netherlands) is set to be extra refreshing this year, thanks to the addition of a brand new spray park. According to the campsite’s website, guests will be able to enjoy this interactive water playground from May onwards. The spray park is designed to excite and entertain children of all ages as they have fun in the water and take control their play environment.

The spray park is not just any old collection of water play equipment. It is an interactive water playground where children can play and stimulate their senses simultaneously. The play equipment is specially designed to encourage children to feel, see and exert an influence on their environment. The result is a unique play experience that children of all ages can enjoy.

The campsite collaborated with Watergames and More in selecting the ideal equipment for the spray park.

One of the items ordered is a Waterfall No 1. This item of equipment operates on the basis streams of water, which children can manipulate to either to soak one another or play a team game.

Waterfall No 1.

Another standout attraction is the Poly Palm Coco, a play structure in the form of a palm tree that sprays water on the children as it topples ‘coconuts’.

Poly Palm Coco

Surf stones

And last but not least, they opted for three types of Surf Stone. These are beautiful stones featuring fun, gentle water effects. The stones are sandblasted for a grippy and safe playing surface and can be retrofitted over existing ground sprays to create a fresh new look. While available individually, they actually make the best impression when installed in groups of three.

The spray park not only provides fun for children, but also convenience for the campsite. It is low-maintenance and consumes little water and power. It is sustainable, too, as almost all the water is collected and reused. The flat surface is also suitable for children with disabilities, making it a fun playground for everyone.

If you also want to increase the attraction value of your site with a sustainable spray park, simply contact us! Want to stay informed about our developments? If so, then follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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