Camping Vinkenhof gets new Spray Park

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The campsite known as camping Vinkenhof situated in the middle of South Limburg’s Gerendal National Park. Watergames & More is currently constructing a brand new Spray Park between the site’s swimming pool and the first row of camping pitches.

Standard equipment from the Waterplay range was chosen for the Vinkenhof campsite. A Spray Park can basically be built in any shape and dimensions. We jointly considered which equipment might best be utilised to increase the attraction value. The fact that you can build a Spray Park as large or small as you like, implies that it is also suitable for sites with a smaller budget.

Thanks to its water sprays and fountains, the Spray Park is suitable for young and old alike. Exceptionally safe, as the water from the sprays lands on a level floor and is drained immediately. The water from the sprays lands on a level floor and is therefore drained immediately, which makes for an exceptionally safe playing environment. And it is sustainable into the bargain, as almost all the water is collected and reused.

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