La Piscine Les Dauphins: a new challenge involving the Challenger & SpeedRider

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La Piscine Les Dauphins swimming pool recently underwent a large-scale renovation. This involved Watergames & More’s construction of two new waterslides with alternative courses. A renovation plan was developed in collaboration with AAVIO Architects, which enabled reuse of part of the existing steel structure to erect the new waterslides. Watergames & More was involved in the project as a subcontractor to the building contractor Interconstruct, ultimately providing two tremendous yet safe waterslides known as the Challenger and the SpeedRider!

The two waterslides each have their own colour.

Choose red if you prefer a tranquil ride on the waterslide. The Challenger is the most popular waterslide among both young and slightly older users. Starting at a height of 4.80 metres, the slide offers a fun ride for the whole family at a speed of some 25 km/h.

The waterslide is equipped with a start and stop system, vouching for users’ additional safety. Moreover, its daylight effects offer another surprise at every turn. This effectively transforms an otherwise ordinary waterslide into one that is magically lit enchanting spirals.

Looking for more excitement and adrenaline? Opt for blue in that case! The SpeedRider is both steeper and faster than the Challenger. You therefore reach the bottom in just a few seconds. Starting at a height of 8.50 metres, the slide has an average speed of 32 km/h. It is the perfect ride for adventurous daredevils. This slide also features a start and stop system and daylight effects, which make the ride even more spectacular.

In the long run, you have the most fun by riding both waterslides of course!

Are you curious about the possibilities of installing a waterslide at your site? In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Stay abreast of our latest developments by following us on LinkedIn or subscribing to our newsletter. We look forward to collaborating with you in creating a marvellous waterslide that suits your target group!

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