La Piscine Les Dauphins to replace old waterslides

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Watergames & More is to construct two new waterslides with alternative course as part of a major pool renovation project at ‘La Piscine Les Dauphins’ swimming pool in Mouscron (Belgium). The two new slides will replace the existing ones, which the contractor is to demolish. The swimming pool’s intention in purchasing two new waterslides is to modernise facilities. In its project design, AAVO Architects developed a renovation plan for the waterslides based on input from Watergames & More, which comprises reuse of part of the existing steel structure to erect the new slides. Watergames & More will be involved in this project as a subcontractor to building firm Interconstruct.

As no drawings of the existing pool were available, a 3D scan had to be produced. The 3D scanner was used to create an image of the three-dimensional surroundings of the swimming pool, similarly to the way one might do using a camera with a flash, except this device also recorded the distance from it to each point in the space. Our in-house design team then loaded the resulting scan on our systems for the engineering of the waterslides. The use of a 3D scan enables our design team to work out a design that is accurate to the millimetre.

We at Watergames & More consider it important to serve clients as well as possible. We invariably bear a client’s native language in mind in this regard. We are therefore to provide all documentation and written coordination relating to the project in Mouscron in French.

Assembly of the waterslides is scheduled to commence in May. Their inspection and subsequent delivery can therefore be expected in mid-June.

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