Innovative coolness: discover the magic of interactive water playgrounds!

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In an era when temperatures are continually rising and the quest for refreshment is becoming increasingly significant, Watergames & More can provide an innovative solution – spray parks! These interactive water playgrounds are designed to offer young and old alike a unique and safe means of enjoying aquatic fun. The playground’s dazzling water jets, cheerful fountains and interactive play elements provide fun and refreshment for all.

Whether required to complement an existing pool or as a standalone attraction, our water playgrounds are financially accessible to small and large projects alike. Their low cost of installation and maintenance render them an appealing option to municipalities, leisure parks, and campsites. Furthermore, an interactive water playground is a sustainable play solution, thanks to its ability to reuse almost all the water.

Our water playgrounds’ exceptional feature is their interactive nature. This challenges children to both play and learn. The play equipment is carefully designed to create a stimulating environment that triggers children’s senses and fuels their imagination. It lends children ample opportunities to playfully explore the aquatic world, from running through water jets to operating water pumps.

In addition to providing endless fun, spray parks are the epitome of sustainability and exclusivity. They are a responsible and welcome addition to any community, thanks to their efficient water use and accessibility to children of all ages and abilities, including those with an impairment.

In opting for Watergames & More, you can rest assured of a partner that makes the entire process run smoothly, from design up to and including maintenance. Our experts ensure that your spray park not only meets current needs, but is also future ready. Furthermore, our optional maintenance contract renders your water playground literally worry-free.

Keen to learn how a spray park might also transform your site? If so contact us straight away for consultation free of further obligation. Stay abreast of our latest developments and projects by following us on LinkedIn or subscribing to our newsletter. Find out how you can continue to offer your visitors an unforgettable experience this summer and for many years to come!

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