Interactive water playgrounds: a refreshing addition to any municipality

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The Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel (NL) proudly reopened its renovated and extended ‘De Watervallei’ public playground last summer. One of the playground’s highlights is the dazzling water play paradise that offers children of all ages a carefree and refreshing experience. Watergames & More has remained involved in this public water playground’s success, from its very inception to the recent extension.

Besides offering huge benefits, public water playgrounds also help strengthen communities. Watergames & More supports municipalities’ efforts to create splendid safe places for young and old to enjoy the outdoors. In opting for interactive water playgrounds, they boost children’s unforgettable aquatic fun, while enabling parents to meet and socialise.

The success of projects such as ‘De Watervallei’ proves that water playgrounds not only provide cooling and entertainment, but also contribute to a vibrant and sustainable community. These playgrounds promote children’s physical and mental development, while strengthening social cohesion within communities and enhancing the general appeal of the city itself.

Interested in creating a vibrant and sustainable public space in your municipality? Simply contact us for further information about the possibilities offered by water playgrounds, also known as spray parks. We jointly endeavour to render your city or village a place where young and old can enjoy aquatic fun and adventure. Follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to remain abreast of our projects and innovations.

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