Water playgrounds: the key to vibrant and sustainable public spaces

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In a world where summers are increasingly hot and urban areas gasp for breath under the burden of heatwaves, the quest to find public spaces that offer coolness and entertainment is more relevant than ever. Watergames & More caters to this trend with innovative solutions that not only provide refreshment but also bring communities closer together.

A city’s degree of liveability is greatly influenced by the quality of its outdoor spaces. Attractive, interactive playgrounds have been proven to contribute to children’s physical and mental development, while strengthening social cohesion within communities and enhancing the general appeal of the city itself. Given the additional challenges that climate change and urban warming pose, it is increasingly evident that modern solutions are required to keep our cities habitable.

Watergames & More’s spray parks offer a refreshing solution to these challenges. These interactive water playgrounds are not only a source of fun and coolness for all ages, but also tackle more encompassing issues such as heat stress and water management. By transforming playgrounds into cooling oases, one can render a city not only more pleasant but also healthier and more inclusive.

Sustainability remains the focus, in the form of solutions that adopt a smart approach to water and maintenance, while play value, capacity and diversity in play areas ensure that everyone can enjoy these refreshing additions to their public space. Thanks to the implementation of flat, non-slip floors and systems that eliminate drowning hazards, such places become safe, stimulating environments for children and adults to congregate.

Are you curious to learn what Watergames & More could do for municipality? Simply contact us straight away to discuss the matter, free of further obligation. Together, we can transform a public space into an area that is not only sustainable and safe, but also a meeting place that is a source of joy. Follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to remain abreast of our projects and innovations.

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