First Watergames & More project in Iceland completed successfully

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Watergames & More has just successfully completed its first project in Iceland! The Kôpavogs swimming pool was keen to replace its three outdated waterslides with brand new ones. We relieved Kôpavogs of any burden by carrying out the project from A to Z. This ranged from dismantling the old waterslides to the design and construction of the new ones. The end result: three high-quality and sustainable waterslides that should last for a years to come!

“The communication with Watergames & More was smooth and the crew that came over hard working.”

Jakob Þorsteinsson, Sundlaug Kópavogs

Would you like to learn more about the choice moment to replace a waterslide? Read all about it in the article ‘Timely waterslide replacement: smart option for safety and durability’.

Visitors to the Kôpavogs swimming pool have the opportunity to ride three different waterslides, namely a WaveRider, SpeedRider and a Challenger.

The WaveRider is the ideal slide for all ages and is always highly popular among large groups and families with (young) children. Safety comes first on all our water attractions. This also applies to the WaveRider therefore. As (young) children mount the slide, its fencing ensures that they can do so safely. Moreover, both the SpeedRider and the Challenger are fitted with a start and stop system, vouching for users’ additional safety. The SpeedRider is the closed tube slide. It is forty metres long and equipped with special effects. The Challenger is an open tube slide that measures almost fifty-four metres in length. Both are suitable for all ages. Even the smallest visitors can ride them, provided they are accompanied.

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