Multimedia for a unique experience on waterslides

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Of interest to: Leisure accommodation, day recreation, leisure accommodation, amusement parks, swimming pools and municipalities

Waterslides have always had a special appeal, but imagine adding an extra dimension to your slide adventure. We at Watergames & More enable you do just that with our versatile multimedia package. Let us take you on a journey through the world of exciting sound effects, themed light shows, interactive games, and more.

Our multimedia package raises your site’s water fun to the next level. Its highlights include the following:

1. Start-Stop System: Safety comes first. A red/green traffic light with motion sensors enables riders to enjoy the ride in peace and quiet.

2. Timing: Who can set the fastest time? Our timing system keeps daily and monthly records on the scoreboard, encouraging guests to improve their best performances.

3. Light & Sound effects: The slide transforms into an enchanted world. Guests have a choice of various themes, including arrows, a starry sky, figures and texts, to which the sound and lights automatically adjust.

4. Action pictures: Share the adventure with friends on social media by posting action photos. A pleasant memory for guests and a great form of advertising for you.

5. Interactive Touchpoints: Add a game element to the slide by fitting touchpoints. Who can accumulate the highest score during the ride? A fun challenge for adventurous guests.

Modular Design: Start with our basic programme and expand it at your convenience. Our RGB-W LEDs are available in various shapes and models.
Technical Excellence: Our system is designed for swimming pools, which implies it is safe, reliable and easy to operate.
Customised Themes: Offer your guests new themes time and again. We have complete control of the multimedia system, which implies we can implement changes for you remotely.

We at Watergames & More supply more than just multimedia effects. We arrange the necessary installation and construction work for you, whether it involves the replacement of an existing waterslide or construction of a new one. From design to construction, installation and maintenance, we provide a total package. Your needs are paramount, while we vouch for smooth, pleasant communication, so you are never faced with unpleasant surprises.

We at Watergames & More raise adventure to new heights. Discover the magic of multimedia on waterslides and make your slide adventure unforgettable! Please contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Stay abreast of our developments by either following us on LinkedIn or subscribing to our newsletter.

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