Waterslide replacement: smart option for safety and durability

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Is it really worthwhile patching up an outdated waterslide? That’s a question were regularly asked. We at Watergames & More fully appreciate that sound advice should be based on ample experience and a thorough understanding of the product. As waterslide experts, we invariably endeavour to think along with our customers in arriving at the right solution. And this also applies to what is the smart option at a given moment: to repair an outdated waterslide or replace it.

A waterslide can achieve a service life of twenty years, provided it is properly maintained. A meticulously prepared multi-year maintenance plan enables you to make the most of your waterslide, while also ensuring that it remains safe for users. Regular maintenance is crucial in this regard, as neglect can lead to significant damage and substantial costs.

We at Watergames & More are fully aware of the importance of thorough maintenance, and therefore offer comprehensive waterslide servicing and maintenance contracts. In that case, our dedicated service technician carries out both a thorough inspection and maintenance of your slide, which makes for the timely identification of any defects. Our expertise helps us ensure that your waterslide remains in optimal condition, thus extending its service life and vouching for safety.

Safety always comes first when it comes to considering the option of repairing or replacing a waterslide. A threadbare coating can cause hazardous situations, such as fibreglass splinters protruding through the surface. And these in turn can lead to nasty accidents during the ride.

Moreover, it is unlikely that an older slide will meet the latest safety requirements. It is therefore generally prudent to invest in a new waterslide, equipped with innovative technology and materials that meet the most stringent safety standards.

Furthermore, while repair and refurbishment may save costs in the short term, the costs and safety risk may well increase in the long term. Investing in a new slide, on the other hand, enables you to benefit from innovated technology, meet the latest safety requirements and provide your customers with an optimal experience. Take the time to make conscious decisions regarding your waterslide therefore, and get sound advice.

We at Watergames & More appreciate that every waterslide is unique and calls for a particular approach. Our experienced service technician carries out a thorough inspection of your slide, before offering expert advice based on fundamental knowledge and experience. He takes into account factors including lifespan, safety standards, technical condition and potential (future) repairs. He relies on his expertise to advise you whether replacement is the smart option. We at Watergames & More invariably strive to remain transparent and work with our customers to provide the best solution.

If you opt to have your waterslide replaced, you can count on Watergames & More as your reliable partner. We supply high-quality waterslides that meet the latest safety requirements and are equipped with innovative technologies. Moreover, we carry out skilled installation and vouch for both durability and quality.

Contact us straight awayto make an appointment with our service technician. Together, we can devise the optimal solution for your waterslide, while taking your budget, safety and sustainability into account. Rely on our expertise, and rest assured that your waterslide will offer everyone a safe and enjoyable experience. Want to stay informed about our developments? If so, then follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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