Attraction value of waterslide in Heeg exceeds all expectations

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In the spring of 2020, Watergames & More erected a new WaveRider (family slide) on the beach surrounding Heegermeer Lake, in the stunning water sports village of Heeg, Friesland. By the end of the summer, this waterslide had already attracted a highly substantial number of visitors! Read more…

OVH2000 of Heeg, the same local entrepreneurs’ association that initiated construction of the waterslide, was curious to learn how often the waterslide was used, and therefore installed a sensor. Mr Dick Schrama, treasurer OVH 2000 Heeg and initiator of the idea, pointed out that such data is not only useful for press releases (e.g. on reaching 250,000 or half a million slide rides) but also when applying for subsidies, should further extension of the waterslide prove necessary in the future. The sensor consists of an electronic eye, which can count with an accuracy of no more than one slide user per second. Fitted on 20 June, the sensor has recorded no fewer than 232,000 slide rides to date.

“If the counter hadn’t been fitted, people simply wouldn’t have believed the user numbers. I am actually quite astounded myself!”

Bron: Groot Sneek, 27-08-2020

Added advantages
While expectations regarding the popularity of the waterslide were pretty high in advance, they were nevertheless amply exceeded in reality. Due in part to the consequences of COVID-19, domestic tourism in the Netherlands saw considerable growth this year. The waterslide in Heeg also benefited as a result: the village was far busier than in previous years. More overnight stays were booked, while visiting boats also spent longer in the marina, as children wanted to stay in Heeg after seeing the waterslide, says Dick Schrama. Of course, such guests also visit the village and spend money there. In short: it yields additional benefits. Expectations are that this effect will increase in the coming years, as both many residents of the surrounding area and tourists have yet to hear about the waterslide. The popularity of the waterslide may well further strengthen the village’s competitive position in relation to neighbouring recreational areas. The waterslide was therefore well worth the investment.

“I am convinced that the additional benefits will certainly outweigh the costs.”

Watergames & More wishes Heeg Beach and its guests a pleasant autumn season and lots of aquatic fun on the WaveRider.

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