Adventurous aquatic fun at De Watermolen campsite

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Last summer, the site known as Camping De Watermolen (NL) caused quite a splash by providing adventurous aquatic fun using inflatables! The expansive lake adjacent to the campsite offers guests a course comprising various types of inflatable water play equipment in the water. The latest blue/white play equipment is a marvellous addition to the inflatables supplied previously. They lend the campsite a true water paradise of its own.

Camping De Watermolen

The modular nature of the play equipment also enables the campsite to rearrange the course itself. Young and old alike have a whale of a time trying out this play equipment. The inflatables’ dimensions and bright blue/white colour schemes make them highly distinct. They immediately arouse your visitors’ curiosity and enthusiasm therefore. People simply cannot suppress the urge to give them a go. Camping De Watermolen has therefore boosted both the fun and attraction value it offers, without a great deal of physical effort. An inflatable can be set up or deflated in a jiffy.

Camping De Watermolen

Union Aquaparks’ inflatables are distinguished by their exceptional quality and modular structure. They can therefore be interconnected and substituted for one another highly conveniently. Union inflatables are manufactured from high-quality PVC fabric, which is TÜV certified. Its resistance to both UV rays and mould growth vouches for an extended service life. Drop-stitch seams ensure that the elements remain in shape even under high pressure Furthermore, Union inflatables retain their pressure longer than the average inflatable play elements on the market.

Their non-slip surface also offers users better grip. Smart safety features prevent the elements from detaching on the water, thus preventing any risk of becoming trapped.

Union Aquaparks

The Union Aquaparks collection comprises some 35 different inflatables. When combined, these elements provide a variety of features and levels of difficulty. Readily extendable from a single or several elements up to a long course. The course can be used entirely according to your wishes by changing the order of the elements. The inflatables enable you to offer 30 to 250 people at a time an unforgettable experience on water.

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