Waterslide for Sloterparkbad complete!

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Amsterdam boasts one of the Netherlands’ largest swimming facilities, which is known as Sloterparkbad (NL). The facility’s 20-year-old blue waterslide was recently replaced with a new model. This yellow/white waterslide has been erected in the same spot as the previous one. Watergames & More was present from start to finish to get the job done!

The greatest possible use was made of the existing loadbearing structure during construction of the waterslide. The new slide nevertheless follows a different course to the previous one. Furthermore, special additions were made to make the ride both more exciting and fun for visitors.

Various themes and sound
Visitors can select one of the six different themes at the start of the waterslide. Each theme has its own musical signature. This enables Sloterparkbad to offer its visitors a unique slide experience time after time.

Keuze uit verschillende thema's

Touch Points
A competitive game can be played using numerous touch points. These are installed throughout the length of the slide. The more touch points a person hits, the higher their score. The score monitor at the end of the waterslide displays the score. This challenges visitors to try and improve their scores.

Time registration
Sensors fitted at the beginning and end of the waterslide are used to record the time. The time taken is displayed together with one’s score on the scoreboard.

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