Water playground Eis Greissler delivered!

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One of the locations where the most delicious ice creams are made is at ice cream producer Eis Greissler in Austria. Watergames & More was asked to realise two themed water playgrounds in an ice-cream theme at this ice cream factory. When you see the water playgrounds you can almost smell the ice cream! We are very proud of the realisation of this wonderful project. The water playgrounds have been completed for the high season and Eis Greissler can look forward to a fantastic summer full of water fun!

Experience is very important to Eis Greissler. It was therefore soon clear that the delicious ice cream had to be reflected in the water playgrounds. We therefore created a design entirely in the look and feel of Eis Greissler. After playing in the Spray Parks, you are bound to crave for an ice cream. By realising the water playgrounds, Eis Greissler offers its guests extra coolness and an even higher attraction value. The Spray Parks are realised in the ‘Erlebnisbereich’, which consists of various outdoor play facilities near the ice cream factory.

The first Spray Park of 210m² has themed elements, such as the Mega Soaker (large tipping bucket) in an ice cream cone and water table designed as a tub of ice cream and ice cream served in a sorbet glass. Everything has been thought of to make the experience complete. Even the floor, for example, has been given an ice cream theme. The design on the floor represents a twist that is created when spinning ice cream. The water playground structure in the Spray Park has been given a wood look to match the surroundings and the already realised play facilities, but also the restaurant and the factory.

The second Spray Park has a floor area of no less than 600m². This Spray Park is themed with natural elements such as a running stream in rock formations, fish and different types of grass.

Besides realising the water playgrounds, we also renovated the existing streams. These will be finished with colourful cold plastic. All sluices and playground connections are designed, produced and assembled by Watergames & More. Shade screens have also been placed. We are very pleased that, through the intensive support of our team, we were able to help our customer achieve its ambitions satisfactorily from start to finish.

We wish Eis Greissler lots of fun with the water playgrounds!

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