Sustainable and robust: waterslide made of steel

Even more freedom in designing a new waterslide: not only do we offer high quality fiberglass reinforced polyester but from now on we also offer super strong stainless steel.

Made of steel

A waterslide made of steel has a robust and natural appearance. The slide can simply be given any RAL-color you want with powder coating. Powder coating can also give the stairs and the support structure sections an appropriate color.

A steel slide can easily be provided in many shapes. A permanent and seamless connection is made by welding the various slide sections together. This gives a steel slide its luxurious and flowing sliding experience.

The lack of side seams makes the slide virtually maintenance free. Furthermore, steel retains its shape and color. Stainless steel can easily be recycled and is pure and natural material, making a steel waterslide a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice.

The best of both worlds

By choosing Watergames & More, you choose top quality. We deliver the highest quality waterslides made of polyester and steel. Unique is that we offer these materials in combination with each other. This creates a unique waterslide, combining the best of both worlds. A combination of steel and polyester is very appealing in terms of expenditure.

Endless possibilities

Our family of waterslides consists of various types of waterslides. Of course, a combination is possible. All our slides are custom-made solutions that fit your swimming pool perfectly. We provide a fitting waterslide for each location and for every budget.

Practically all types of slides can be delivered in both steel and fiberglass reinforced polyester. Think of tube slides, wide slides, multi lane slides and family slides.

Only specific elements such as the Dazzler (centrifuge) and the Jiggler (funnel) can only be made from polyester. Of course, these elements can be combined with steel sections.
For more information on the types of slides please visit our product page.

More fun with water, with Watergames & More

Our mission is to provide water fun – everywhere and for everyone. Experienced water specialists, Watergames & More, always offer the possibility for a complete turnkey delivery. We can also take care of technical and architectural adjustments for you. Furthermore, we have our own maintenance team that can be at your location within 24-hours, in the event of an unexpected problem.

From sketch to finished design: we welcome the chance to collaborate with you on building your slide. We work closely with swimming pool and landscape designers and can help draw the new waterslide into, for example, a DWG design.

All  advantages:

  • Waterslides for each location and every budget
  • Completely custom made to fit your location and wishes
  • Choice of high quality fiberglass reinforced polyester, stainless steel or a combination of the two
  • Complete turnkey delivery
  • We can take care of technical and architectural adjustments
  • Our own maintenance team for service and maintenance
  • Choice of various interactive elements and sound effects with Interactive

More information

Curious about the many possibilities?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our brochures for more information.


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