Spray Parks in the public space

A Spray Park makes for a more attractive environment, including the public space. Children are naturally attracted to water and a Spray Park satisfies children’s need to play with water. A Spray Park in the public space will change how local kids spent their spring and summer holidays; a wonderful playground that they can enjoy every day.

A safe and healthy playing environment
Children of all ages can play carefree in a public Spray Park. The absence of stagnant water means that there is no risk of drowning. Water flows directly into the existing drains. What’s more, slip-resistant floor prevents unnecessary accidents. The Waterplay attractions have a durable and seamless finishing. They have no sharp edges and can take a knock. This also eliminates the need for supervision, allowing kids to enjoy themselves without restrictions.

An interactive water playground is also a healthy playing environment. The various attractions feed children’s curiosity and encourage them to exercise for hours on end. In this way, a Spray Park contributes to the health and development of children.

A Spray Park is also a good choice for the environment. The attractions switch themselves off when no children are playing. This makes it possible to keep water and electricity consumption low. There is no need for a complex water treatment system and because of the low water consumption less chemicals are used to maintain the required water quality. As soon as children come to play in the Spray Park, the attractions switch themselves back on and are quickly ready for use. This makes a Spray Park the ideal water paradise in the public space.

A water park for every budget
An interactive water playground of the Waterplay brand can be set up entirely according to your wishes. You decide which attractions and colours should feature in the playground. This allows us to create a Spray Park for every budget. Moreover, a Spray Park allows for modular extension. This enables you, with just a few small adjustments, to upgrade the Spray Park in your municipality and add new elements of fun whenever needed.

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