Slide structure in Blaarmeersen recreational area

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This year, Watergames & More is to construct a water play structure for the Blaarmeersen recreational area in the Belgian city of Ghent. Blaarmeersen is a green area comprising groves, sunbathing meadows and rambling routes around a central man-made lake, with a beach and sports infrastructure. The area is open to the public, which implies that everyone will be able to use the water play structure. The structure is to be erected on the beach, with water slides leading into the water.

The water play structure has been designed and located in such a way as to enable optimum supervision. It was basically conceived as an extension of the beach for this very reason. It provides separate access to the waterslide for younger children, which starts and ends on the shore (dry land), enabling parents to keep a close eye on their children. The older children’s approach route does not intersect that of the younger ones.

The water play structure contains waterslides for the entire breadth of the target group, in which regard the level of excitement increases in proportion to the distance that the waterslides extend into the water. The smallest waterslide is suitable for children from approx. twelve months old, the middle one from around four years (depending on development) and the larger waterslide for the upper end of the target group (seven to ten years).

In addition to waterslides, the water play structure is equipped with various interactive play elements, including: a water cannon, tipping buckets, three ground sprays incorporated in the platforms themselves, a large tipping bucket and a waterfall.

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