Reach new heights with WaterClimbing climbing walls

WaterClimbing climbing walls are climbing equipment for intrepid explorers. These climbing walls are placed along the edge of the pool and can be up to nine metres in height. 2015 is a good year for WaterClimbing climbing walls, because the company has produced several new models, so there a larger variety of options and smaller swimming baths can feature a climbing wall too now.

Although previously, the climbing walls could only be installed if the pool was at least three metres deep, the arrival of these new models means there are solutions for pools with depths of 1.80 metres. In addition, the models are anchored to the deck instead into the side of the basin, making it easier and faster to mount the installation. Moreover, the water does not need to be removed from the pool for these solutions.

WaterClimbing climbing wall with a roof component
A striking new model is the WDI/WDO climbing wall, climbing equipment with a roof component. The roof literally adds and extra dimension to the adventure, because now your guests can climb upside-down. The standard breadth for this climbing wall is three metres and it requires a pool of at least 1.80 metres deep. The equipment can also be adjusted both in height and breadth.

Another new product is the climbing wall with a folding base component (WSI-U/WDI-U). When the base component is folded away, the climbing wall is inaccessible and no space is lost at the pool side. As a result, the pool can also be used purely for swimming when the base element is tucked away.

WaterClimbing with folding base element
All WaterClimbing equipment has four climbing routes marked in shaded colours. There are indoor and outdoor versions of the equipment. The steel structure is made of stainless and available with a powder coating in a range of colours. The climbing surface (boulder wall) is available in a transparent, matt or milky finish.

Safety and durability are our main priorities here at Watergames & More. All products by WaterClimbing undergo exhaustive tests and have received full certification from the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein). In addition, they comply with EN 79001, the safety standards for climbing walls in swimming pools. WaterClimbing’s innovative designs have also been awarded with the 2009 Stahl-Innovationspreis.

If this has roused your interest in WaterClimbing equipment, if you have any questions or if you like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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