New waterslide in the beautifully renovated de Koerbelt indoor swimming pool!

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The city of Rijssen (NL) recently took great pleasure in officially opening its fully renovated and sustainable swimming pool, known as de Koerbelt. The former pool no longer complied with current requirements in terms of sustainability and functionality. It was therefore decided that entirely new bathing facilities should be constructed. Watergames & More played a significant role in the project, installing two fantastic waterslides and a spray park.

The indoor pool’s opening ceremony was a memorable event. At the beginning of June, de Koerbelt proudly opened its doors to the public! Watergames & More installed and delivered a sustainable waterslide, known as the Challenger, especially for this pool. The Challenger is a tube slide that both young and slightly older users have come to love. Starting at a height of almost 8 metres, the course of the slide extends over a distance of 71 metres.

That’s not all, however. The waterslide is equipped with numerous extras that make the ride even more exciting. A convenient start and stop system lets you know when the ride commences. You can then try to hit as many touch points as possible along the way, while enjoying sounds and music that match your chosen theme. As you approach the catch unit, you can wave through the transparent tube section to family and friends waiting for you outside. And once you reach the bottom, your time is recorded and a splendid action photo of you is taken!

Rijssen-Holten municipality describes the Koebelt water slide on its website: “A marvellously long slide with stacks of bells and whistles!”

De Koerbelt has even more to offer though. Work on its outdoor pool is currently in full swing, which will enable you to enjoy aquatic fun there too. Watergames & More is in the process of constructing both a WaveRider and a spray park. Further details will follow as soon as the outdoor pool is completed.

Are you also keen to create a spectacular water attraction next season? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Stay abreast of our developments by either following us on LinkedIn or subscribing to our newsletter.

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