Landal Het Land van Bartje renovates toddler pool

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Landal Het Land van Bartje Holiday Park is situated in the middle of a woodland area of Drenthe (NL). The park’s aquatic paradise comprised a toddler pool with a water play structure, which had become outdated and no longer in keeping with its general image, while the related maintenance costs continued to soar.

In collaboration with Watergames & More, the park’s management has selected new water play elements designed to offer the youngest members of its target group countless hours of enjoyment. A new toddler pool, a water play structure and a spray park are to be installed to boost the attraction value of its bathing facilities in 2023.

Landal Het Land van Bartje’s aquatic paradise comprises an indoor pool that is transformed into an outdoor facility as soon as weather permits. The toddler pool also has a large swimming area. When designing the new toddler area, Watergames & More therefore paid close attention to creating the right balance between the new water attractions and the dimensions of the swimming area.

The toddler pool is to be fully renovated. As is the water play structure. The spray park, however, is an entirely new addition to the toddler area. Given the substantial dimensions of the swimming area, it was recommended that the deep pool area be replaced with a spray park. A spray park is basically a water playground. Such a water playground is both in keeping with the site and triggers children’s senses. This in turn vouches for hours of aquatic pleasure.

Design - Landal Het Land van Bartje

Watergames & More’s design department was involved in the project from the very outset. Our professional designer carefully studied the surface area to establish which play equipment it could accommodate. The fact that the appearance of all play equipment and the toddler pool to be installed also need to blend with the client’s existing livery was also taken into account. The water play elements are therefore themed. Examples vary from the inclusion of woodgrain elements to images of Bartje.

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