Interactive waterslide for new De Hoge Devel swimming pool

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A new indoor swimming pool, known as De Hoge Devel, was recently constructed in the middle of Develpark in Zwijndrecht (NL). The former pool sorely needed to be replaced. With a view to saving on costs, its management therefore opted to invest in a modern, accessible and sustainable swimming pool equipped with the latest technology.

The venue comprises facilities including two large pools, a whirlpool, a paddling pool and a waterslide. Watergames & More was commissioned to construct the paddling pool with a spray park water play element and the water slide.

The site comprises two paddling pools. One equipped with a toddler slide and the other with a spray park element. It is suitable for the youngest visitors in the age bracket 0 to 4. Thanks to its readily accessible steps, the toddler slide can be easily climbed by small children. Furthermore, its stainless steel hand rail enables the kids to slide down safely.

The second paddling pool is equipped with a spray park element supplied by Waterplay. Toddlers can play with water to their heart’s content there, by walking beneath the spray, catching it, etc.

At the very last minute, the municipal council also decided to add an interactive slide with built-in play features. Their aim in doing so is to appeal to a wider target group. The slide, also known as a Challenger, is a 40-metre-long enclosed model. Visitors can access the four-metre-high start element by means of a glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) spiral staircase. The waterslide is suitable for all ages. Even the youngest children can ride it, accompanied by their parents.

Below is a provisional sketch of the waterslide.

During the course of the ride, a time recorder will keep track of not only visitors’ individual times, but also the fastest time of the day and the slide’s all-time record. This should encourage visitors to improve their score each time, while continually competing with one another to achieve the highest score and fastest time. Besides time registration, it is equipped to play competitive game using numerous touchpoints. These are incorporated in the slide. The more touch points a person hits, the higher their score. The score monitor at the end of the waterslide displays the score. This challenges visitors to try and improve their scores.

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