Inflatable obstacle course in De Kalkwijck swimming pool: a huge success!

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Last summer, De Kalkwijck swimming pool evoked a gulf of enthusiasm by adding an inflatable course, the Play Lane, to its facilities. The course comprises five different elements, each of which tempts children and adults alike to actively participate in aquatic fun.

Thanks to the Play Lane’s modular structure, its layout remains flexible; each visit affords one a new experience. The combination of this aspect and the inflatables’ high quality ensure that every water activity is a unique adventure.

“The inflatables we purchased from Watergames & More have proven a huge success at our pool. Youngsters make ample use of them at weekends and during holidays. In fact, as soon as such days appear on the horizon, they eagerly enquire as to the layout of the course this time. The fact that we purchased five inflatables enables us to construct various different “obstacle courses”. This adds an extra dimension to the whole thing. Our local sports coaches use the inflatables to complement the other activities they organise. One secondary school has even included the “obstacle course” in its annual school games.”

Erik Jensema, De Kalkwijck Sports Centre

Whether your pool is indoors or out and large or small, our inflatables offer flexibility and fun. Including options to suit pools with a water depth of two metres or less, there is always a course available to meet your needs.

The inflatables are manufactured from high-quality PVC fabric, which is TÜV certified, resistant to both UV rays and mould growth, and therefore highly durable. The elements’ non-slip surface and security features help offer everyone a carefree and fun experience.

The addition of an inflatable course to De Kalkwijck swimming pool has proven an irresistible attraction. It not only provides entertainment and exercise, but has also boosted the pool’s visibility and appeal. Its success story emphasises the impact a well-designed inflatable course can have on pool visitors’ experience and enjoyment.

Are you ready to raise both your pool’s entertainment and challenge to the next level? Please contact us in that case, nd immerse yourself in the possibilities. Simply follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter for further information about our projects and innovations.

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