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Inclusivity is an essential part of today’s society, and this certainly applies to playgrounds too. Watergames & More’s interactive water playgrounds bring together children of all ages and capabilities. We ensure they are accessible to everyone, including visitors with impairments.

Our water playgrounds are both safe and fun for users of all ages. Their space is divided into various play zones, allowing children to play appropriately. The youngest visitors have fun with gentle water jets and small fountains, while older children and teenagers enjoy themselves with equipment ranging from water cannons to interactive spray elements.

Accessibility is central to the design of our water playgrounds. They feature level surfaces with no thresholds, so that even children and adults with an impairment can revel in aquatic fun.

We at Watergames & More offer a complete range of services, from design to aftercare. You needn’t worry about the technical details either, as we organise everything from installation to regular maintenance. We endeavour to create a sustainable, safe and enjoyable environment that calls for minimal effort on your part.

Our interactive water playgrounds are a source of fun, while also contributing to children’s social skills and wellbeing. They offer children a unique opportunity to learn and develop in a safe environment. Thanks to meticulous design and planning, these playgrounds prove a valuable addition to any community, welcoming children and adults from all backgrounds.

Find out more about Watergames & More’s interactive water playgrounds, also known as spray parks! Safe and accessible to everyone, and ideal for all ages. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly! Follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to remain abreast of our latest developments.

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