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Interesting for: Swimming pools, Leisure accommodation, Day recreation, Public spaces

We take great pleasure in creating the most stunning projects for our clients. We prepare carefully, manufacture meticulously, then assemble them exactly as intended. The client can then commission the water attraction and make it available to their guests. Is that all there is to it? Certainly not, as a water attraction also requires maintenance and attention.

We always supply a maintenance and instruction manual with all our projects. Many clients have a highly skilled technical department that is capable of carrying out their own maintenance, and therefore require support solely in case of exceptional malfunctions.

Did you know that every water attraction with a certificate of approval has to undergo annual inspections? These inspections differ from the initial one to issue approval. Those have to be performed by an independent certification body (designated by the government). Annual inspections may be carried out by competent parties. Who is more competent than the manufacturer of your water attraction? Exactly! You therefore need only conclude a maintenance contract with Watergames & More, and we then perform the annual inspections for you. In the process, we can advise you of any points for attention, while also taking preventive measures to avoid various common problems.

Watergames & More is a member of the Dutch Swimming Pool Standards Committee, and has its own engineering and service departments. We can therefore relieve you of any worries in this regard.

Do you own a Watergames & More slide or water attraction? A maintenance contract offers you appealing benefits in that case. Not only do we keep close track of your attraction’s performance and inform you of its maintenance status, but we also extend your warranty!

Is the winter or summer preparation of your Spray Park a hassle? If so, you can outsource it to us, too. Thanks to our extensive experience, we consider such preparation a routine matter. Furthermore, we can assist your technical department by providing additional information, if you wish.

Interested? In that case, please contact our service department.

We are looking for new employees to take part in all of our splendid projects. Check our vacancies!

Would you like further details of these fairs, or are you curious to know what information we might provide there? Please contact us. Want to stay informed about our developments? If so, then follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to Newsletter.

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