Paddling pool first for Breebos Holiday Park

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As a follow-up to its splendid Spray Park, Watergames & More has now also constructed a paddling pool at Breebos Holiday Park. This is a first, in that it is the first ever paddling pool fully designed and constructed by Watergames & More itself.

With the summer fast approaching, Breebos’ former paddling pool was no longer satisfactory to provide the level of service our client was keen to offer its youngest guests. Having collaborated pleasantly in creating its Spray Park, we were also approached to face this challenge. While Watergames & More has countless years of experience in building paddling pools, this marvellous tender offered us the opportunity to execute the entire project all by ourselves.

Although Breebos Holiday Park received our proposal with instant enthusiasm, it was also keen to ensure that the paddling pool would be ready for use by early July. As the tender was submitted in early May, this gave us very little time to develop our own design, produce moulds and manufacture and install the paddling pool.

Thanks to favourable relations with our steady partners in the field, we were nevertheless able to advance all the preparatory work, which implied that we could concentrate on constructing the paddling pool itself.

We also installed a toddler slide in the paddling pool that was entirely manufactured using our own mould, which is incidentally the only model compliant with the most recent version of the EN safety standard.

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