New build swimming pool in Emmen

In the Spring of 2018, the construction of a new indoor swimming pool will commence in Emmen. Wind Design & Build won the bid, which included various products from the Watergames & More product range to enhance the value of the proposition for the new swimming pool. Watergames & More will be supplying, and installing a Spray Park, WaterClimbing and multiple waterslides, providing an attractive and varied supply of fun for the guests.

Spray Park
A turnkey Spray Park will be delivered and installed. Various Waterplay water playground equipment, including the Waterplay Discovery Stream, can be found in the Spray Park. Guests of all ages can discover the workings of water currents in an interactive and playful way. By choosing Waterplay play equipment, you not only add extra play value to your leisure pool, but you also consider the sustainability of your attractions. The Waterplay play equipment uses little electricity and is efficient in water use, and therefore less chemicals are needed. A synthetic floor will be installed under the Spray Park with enough resistance to allow children to focus on carefree play time.

Sport and games in water are combined in this attraction. Safe climbing is ensured, without the need of specific experience, an instructor, and climbing gear. Once the desired height has been reached then the guests can simply let themselves fall back into the swimming pool!

A WaterClimbing climbing wall can be built up to 9 meters high. No major adaptations are needed to the basin in existing situations thanks to the innovative techniques used. This attraction can be installed for water depths beginning at 1,8 meters.

This swimming pool will have two waterslides, suitable for a wide range of visitors. The family slide, the GoH20 Waverider, is ideal for families who want to slide down together. The Waverider will be placed at the side of the leisure pool and is the perfect supplement to an indoor family water amusement park. For the adventure seekers there’s the GoH20 Challenger Dazzler! This tube slide has a large cone, a speedometer and is 60 meters in length!

Beginning to end solution
Watergames & More has all knowledge and water equipment to raise your swimming pool to a higher level. Both in raising the value of the attraction and in the economic use of natural raw materials. Would you like to know what we can do for you, or how we can offer big solutions with simple adaptations? Contact us or be inspired by our website!

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