New adventures in renovated toddler pool at Speelpark De Splinter!

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Watergames and More has fully constructed a fantastic new adventure for Speelpark De Splinter (NL). This large play park, managed by the municipality of Eindhoven, opted to have its existing toddler pools replaced with a purple octopus, spray park and a toddler slide. De Splinter’s renovated toddler pool now offers young and old adventurers alike even more fun therefore!

The purple octopus is a real eye-catcher. This amiable underwater dweller was specially designed for De Splinter. It combines a waterslide with a spray park. The octopus’s broad smile warmly welcomes everyone to explore his playground. Run beneath his tentacles, dodge the water jets (or don’t, if you prefer!) then slide down through his big mouth! It is a spectacular sight to watch children having fun as they play around the octopus and enjoy the refreshing water.

There’s even more on offer though. In addition to the octopus, Watergames and More has constructed a dazzling spray park with a toddler slide. This interactive water attraction immerses its visitors in a world of aquatic fun. Interactive fountains and water sprays offer both surprising and invigorating moments. Their variety of spray patterns keep children both active and captivated. Playful jets of water surprise them as they run around laughing in the bright sunshine

The addition of the octopus and spray park provide young and old alike with an unforgettable experience. Whether you try to dodge the octopus’s water jets, ride the slide or enjoy the interactive water play equipment in the spray park, there is something for everyone.

Access to the play park is free, enabling everyone to enjoy it. Find out for yourself and experience a day brimming with aquatic fun, there where the shiny purple octopus and the sparkling spray park wait to welcome you.

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