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As is customary in the run-up to the peak season, our implementation department is extremely busy. We have various projects in the start-up, execution and completion phases. In the Netherlands of course, but also in Belgium, Germany and even in Finland!

Without any prejudice to numerous others, we decided to highlight the following two projects.

Landal Mooi Zutendaal is located in a woodland region (Belgian Campine). We therefore designed a water play structure entirely in a natural theme. The structure contains various water play elements, including pine trees, a footbridge, waterfall, tipping buckets & more, to vouch for maximum fun. We made smart use of the available space during the design process by opting to erect the water play structure and slide against the back wall. This ensures that the indoor pool remains a nice large open space.

Assembly of the water play structure is currently in full swing.

The slides are to be installed later this year. We have already commenced with construction of the themed water play area. All the cast-in Waterplay features have been installed, while we will proceed with work on the water playground during the period ahead.

We are looking for new employees to take part in all of our splendid projects. Check our vacancies!

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03 May 2022 - Partners
Reading time: 1.5 minutes Interesting for: day recreation, residence recreation, swimming pools, amusement parks and municipalities Having recently informed you that we are to execute a splendid project for Tropical Islands, at Eur...

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