Cozy interior design indoor family pool

Watergames & More will be building a completely new play area for the new family pool for holiday park De Beerze Bulten this coming spring. Complete with custom made waterslides and water play elements from the Waterplay portfolio.

It is a family pool where mainly parents with their infants/toddlers will be relaxing and enjoying all the beauty water has to offer. The family pool will be approx. 200 m² in size and is completely equipped with innovative and interactive water play elements.

We have designed various custom play elements and a small waterslide and used water play elements by Waterplay for this project. Furthermore, we designed various decorative objects to provide the indoor space the atmosphere the client desires.

Watergames & More realiseert herinrichting familiebad Beerze Bulten

As can be seen in this artist impression of the total design, water play elements is evenly spread out over the whole pool. There are plenty of fun and exciting elements to enjoy, wherever parents are playing with their children. There will also be a Waterplay Discovery Stream so that the effects of flowing water can be discovered while playing.

Remarkable about this project is the use of standard Waterplay elements combined with custom made slides and play objects. Watergames & More herewith creates a completely unique comprehensive experience. This special project is currently being carried out and produced, final completion will be in the spring.

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