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Specialists in playing on, around, with, and in water. Our family business, founded in 2008, is active worldwide and is the market leader in high-quality water attractions in Germany and the Benelux. And we are proud of that!

It is our mission to offer everyone an unforgettable and fun water experience, whether you are young or old. Boring slides and uninspired swimming pools? You won’t find those here! For more than 15 years, we have been putting a smile on the faces of children and their parents with our unique water attractions.

Whatever water attraction you wish to create, we will realise it for you. Completely ready to use. Our total package of various services completely unburdens you in terms of design, construction, installation and maintenance.

Choosing a water attraction for your location can be a daunting task. Our experts are happy to help you select the right kind of product for you.


Take your location’s attraction value to the next level with a thrilling water slide! The water slides come in all shapes and sizes, with various interactive and personalisation options. They are completely custom-made, so the possibilities are endless.

We are happy to brainstorm with you about the interpretation and appearance of your slide in order to create the best possible experience for your guests. Our water slides are also a nice addition to an existing water play structure. Our water slides are made of high-quality fibreglass-reinforced polyester. This material guarantees high quality and durability, and it is easy to maintain.

A spray park is an interactive water playground with water sprayers and fountains, suitable for young and old people alike. It is very safe because the water from the nozzles ends up on a flat floor and is drained immediately. The drained water is collected and reused, making it a sustainable water attraction.

Spray parks are modular, fully customisable and can be put together according to your theme. For older children, you can, for example, consider water cannons and water dumping devices. For toddlers and preschoolers, quiet and small devices are more suitable. With the relevant equipment, you can create different play zones within a spray park, such as separate play zones for toddlers and older children. Combining these play zones makes a spray park wheelchair-friendly and suitable for different target audiences.

A spray park offers a simple solution for increasing the attraction value of your location. Children can feel, see and influence their play environment by moving water and enjoy currents. A spray park also functions as a social meeting place for both young and old people alike. The diversity of the devices ensures an extension of the stay of your guests, which results in more revenue for your food and beverage offerings.

Cooperation with Waterplay®

We work together with our partner Waterplay® on the production of our spray parks. This quality mark advises and monitors us during the process in the field of safety. Through this collaboration, projects are realised as safely and efficiently as possible.

Inflatables are separate qualitative elements that together form a loop, resulting in hours of water fun, both outdoor and indoor. These elements allow a variety of features and difficulty levels to be implemented. It is easy to expand it with one or a few elements to create a bigger loop. With inflatables, you can give 30 to 250 people an unforgettable time on the water at the same time.

Cooperation with Union Aquaparks

We work together with our partner Union Aquaparks. This reliable brand is the best choice when choosing inflatables. Union inflatables are distinguished by their exceptional quality and their modular elements. This makes them easy to connect and exchange. In addition, the inflatables from Union stay under pressure for longer than the average inflatable play elements on the market.

The material used in Union inflatables is a highquality PVC fabric that is TÜV certified. The UV protectors and mould resistance guarantee a long service life. The drop-stitch seams keep the elements in shape, even under high pressure. Thanks to the non-slip texture, users have a better grip. Smart safety features prevent the elements from opening on the water, so there is no risk of entrapment.

A water play structure offers a unique playing experience. The design takes into account the theme but also the play value and the stimulation of the development of children, e.g., in terms of teamwork, fantasy, physical movement, education and interaction. Quality, interactivity and a high play value are important characteristics of our unique designs.

We handle the development and realization of water play structures completely in-house. The design team translates your wishes and theme into a unique design, fully tailor-made for your location. This unique design is then assembled by experts at your location. Your park, swimming pool or square will be transformed in no time, so you can surprise your guests with a new water attraction. Water play structures can be placed anywhere because no separate embeds are required. The structures are easy to connect to the water. And because the appliances are mounted on coupling pieces, they can be changed quickly and easily. As a consequence, you can always create a unique play situation and offer your guests a different water play experience.

A water play structure can be easily expanded. For example, it can go from one platform to a structure with water slides. Or you can create different routes and separate play zones.

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