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Real water games

There are many forms of water games: from direct interaction with water, to visual spectacles and everything in-between. We regularly come into contact with projects where there's demand for water games, but not for direct interaction with water, as offered by Spray Parks.

Our mission and vision is to offer the best possible response to any water games question, whatever its precise nature. This is why we collaborate with one of the leading fountain suppliers.

This enables us to realise fountain projects of every size and of any type. These might be interactive walk-in fountains, focused on water games (such as the well-known "surprise fountains"), traditional fountains, but also cybernetic musical fountains, with both light and sound.

These latter fountains provide a visual water spectacle, which follows the corresponding music through computer technology and fully automated choreography. A major project such as this comes about supported by light. In short: a Spray Park continues where an interactive fountain leaves off, and vice versa.

Ornamental fountains

Ornamental fountains have been specifically designed to fit into their environment, and to connect with this as an exclusive and special decorative element.

These fountains evoke various water sculptures and patterns, with dynamic, fixed or automatic water spouts (nozzles and jets), as well as waterfall effects.

Besides fountains specially designed for a location, there are also standard ornamental fountains, which are built up in a modular fashion. These modules fit in perfectly into any landscape-architecture fountain design or other design, at relative low costs.

Cybernetic fountains

Cybernetic fountains are controlled by a computer, which is able to synchronise all of the fountain's functions – such as light, sound and water sculptures – into one fantastic whole.

This gives rise to amazing audiovisual symphonies, real fountain shows that are fully automated and truly present the music.

The computer technology allows other elements, such as water, water screens and light projections to focus on the fountain, so as to arrive at a spectacular unity.

These fountains can even be executed in a floating version, which allows for installation on lakes and on the sea.

Walk-in fountains

Modern cities are increasingly investing in the quality and quantity of outside spaces where the city's social live takes place. It is important to make the outside space attractive, so that there are great places to meet up. 

These outside spaces, such as urban and neighbourhood parks, are also being equipped with walk-in fountains, which allow the public to interact with the fountain by entering and playing within in it. 

Our special computer technology also enables users to control the fountain themselves, and to develop their own choreography.

Water and art

Unique ideas can be expressed in specially design fountains. Our fountains can easily be combined with architecture and special landscape designs, in order to form one piece of art. We furthermore guarantee the exclusivity of the design, with the utmost respect for the architect or designer involved.

Fountains in shopping centres

Fountains are an essential component of modern shopping centres. The various types of fountains, such as the walk-in fountain – but also the cybernetic fountains – fit in perfectly in shopping centres and shopping malls.

A fountain can always be designed that helps to create the right atmosphere for guests, and which ensures the shopping mall becomes a 'must visit' location, enjoying renown in the local area. 

The right fountain in a shopping mall will also contribute to guests' visits lasting longer, and more money spent in the surrounding catering establishments.

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