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Slide Activity Centres
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Slide Activity Centres

Innovative games structures

Slide Activity Centres are slide and games structures that offer a new dimension to interactive water games. They combine contemporary design with huge fun and high quality. These are innovative games structures:

  • Modular, thus to be assembled as desired;
  • Can be placed in swimming pools and on dry floor;
  • Take up little space;
  • Can be installed at a gradient up to 6°;
  • Can be installed in new and existing situations;
  • Choice of five different slides.

Of course, the most important thing is that kids have fun, which is why all our Slide Activity Centres are equipped with a Mega Soaker: an overwhelming tipping bucket.

Other options are two water cannons, built-in ground sprayers and various other interactive elements. We say interactive because our elements are controlled electronically, which means there are constantly new surprises for children; even including sound!

Low operating costs

Sustainable enterprise is important in the Netherlands, and we have taken this into account. The water consumption of the Slide Activity Centres is extremely low, without making it any less fun.

Low water consumption also means water evaporation and fewer chemicals used. A smaller pump is also required, which means less power is used.

Moreover, less water and power is wasted since the system turns itself odd if children are no longer playing there. The system starts working again as soon as new children come to play.

Quality and safety

Because our games structures have anti-slip panels and no V-shape occurs in the design, they are an extremely safe option when upgrading your facility.

When placed on a dry floor, there is no risk of drowning and so no supervision is required. What's more, assembly on a dry floor is less expensive than in a basin.

The short assembly time means our games structures can be set up in one day, which certainly saves on costs!

If you combine our games structure with a Spray Park, you furthermore create an attraction suitable for the very smallest children, and children with a disability who use a wheelchair, for example.

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