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Sand and Water games
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Sand and Water games

Child's play

When designing our equipment, the way in which children play on them is taken into account. This means they can guarantee ours of fun, as well as stimulate children's development:

  • they assist the development of fine motor control;
  • stimulate creativity and imagination;
  • develop social skills, by playing together;
  • stimulate children/groups playing actively and independently.


We offer our game combinations in collaboration with Kaiser & Kühne, a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel playground equipment. This means our equipment has the following qualities:

  • they have been developed for use in public spaces;
  • they require little maintenance;
  • they are modular;
  • they are vandalism-resistant;
  • wear and tear by water and sand is minimised.

Because the playground equipment is modular, you can put together a unique piece of equipment that you can extend infinitely to increase playing capacity. The benefit here is that if you invest in your own sand and water games combination, this is an investment you will enjoy for years to come.


When putting together your own games combination, you have a number of choices. You can thus opt for sand and water playground equipment that:

  • has been executed in a combination of wood and stainless steel;
  • have been fully executed in stainless steel;

You determine yourself how you want to supply water, which is possible:

  • through a pressure-pipe or source, connected to a pump;
  • through a hose, fitting a Gardena connection

You can also opt to have your stainless steel elements powder coated, in order to give your game combination a unique appearance. What's more, you can choose from every RAL colour.

So much to choose from; no one else can advise you on fitting out water playgrounds like we can. In collaboration with our supplier, we furthermore lay your sand and water playground, entirely 'turn-key'.


We deliver equipment from the manufacturer Kaiser & Kühne. For years now, equipment from this manufacturer has been the last word in quality. This is due to the material used in the equipment, and the way in which this is processed.

Because you need to enjoy your sand and water games combination for years to come, we only use durable and reliable materials, namely:

  • Robinia wood (milled or laminated);
  • Stainless steel;
  • High-pressure laminate.

Robinia wood is a natural product, which is obtained though responsible forestry in an environmentally friendly manner. Bio-degradation means it can also be returned back to the natural cycle.

Robinia wood has perfect properties:

  • it is harder than oak;
  • it is tough, elastic and long-wearing;
  • it is the only type of wood in Europe that is almost red;
  • dried, it resists changeable weather conditions;
  • natural, extremely high resistance against fungus.

Its durability means the wood is also excellent for working into the ground. You can have your robinia wood laminated in order to extend the lifespan even more.

All of your wooden supports can be replaced with stainless steel.

The stainless steel elements can be delivered in both '304' and '316'. Executed in '316', the elements can easily be applied in combination with treated water. This means your equipment can also be placed in a swimming pool environment.

It is also possible to have stainless steel elements powder coated, to protect them further against the influences of chemicals and the elements.

Should you have any queries about the quality aspects of our products, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

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