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Flotí inflatables provide endless play fun on water: from long and large Pooltracks to stand-alone elements, such as the Mountain Slide and the Rolling Runner. Flotí’s elements are distinctive thanks to their exceptional quality and the modular elements. This makes them easy to link together and exchange.

Flotí is without a doubt the best choice for a smart, reliable, environmentally friendly and worthwhile investment that you can make for your waterpark.

All connections are welded (by heating) and there are no adhesive bonds. The elements are made from multi-layered nylon enforced PVC or TPU. This makes a very strong structure of durable quality. Safety valve caps make sure that the elements cannot be opened on water thus ensuring the safety of playing children and adults.

Flotí Premium

Flotí Premium advantages for heavy use:

  • TPU is environmentally friendly
  • Even more resistant against both higher and lower temperatures.
  • Less susceptible to erosion
  • TPU does not wrinkle when folded and is lightweight. 

Flotí Pool Courses

Flotí Pool Courses

The products from this range have been specially developed for leisure managers and swimming pools with commercial purposes. These Pool Courses can be completely customized to your wishes and placed in any sequence thanks to the fully modular concept.  You can also choose from one of the two Pool Courses for which we can offer appealing package deals. With the Flotí inflatable elements you can quickly and easily build a spectacular course on water. Furthermore, you can quickly create a different course by simply changing the order of the elements.

Flotí Inflatables

Flotí Inflatables

The Flotí inflatables allow you to quickly and easily build an Aqua park on water. Both adults and children are challenged to slide, climb and, clamber on the exciting trampolines, climbing objects and slides. Flotí offers an appealing attraction that quickly pays for itself with these stand-alone elements. You will see a quick return on your investment with commercial use when you have a larger Aqua park. Thanks to our appealing revenue model, it is possible to earn back your investment in just one season.  This way, you change your water area in the blink of an eye into a sensational water paradise. The products are suitable for swimming pools, lakes and even for the sea. 


Flotí aspires to use PVC materials of the highest quality, thereby looking beyond standard materials. The Flotí production team has experienced and specialized employees who thoroughly inspect the factories regularly, thus guaranteeing the high standards for production. The materials are extensively tested and certified by a third party before production begins. Flotí has various test centers worldwide, where the products are tested extensively in different environments and at different temperatures. This is done by a third party guaranteeing objectivity. 


Flotí’s mission is to provide the world with incredibly fun and safe inflatable play structures for young and old. Furthermore, Flotí wishes to enter into long term relationships by conducting business in an honest and sustainable manner. Despite Flotí being a relatively new company, their team consists of specialized employees with collectively over 100 years experience in producing materials for inflatable products.

Excellent Service

We feel it is important that our service is of the same quality as our attractions and that it should be noticeable to you. Upon purchase of a Flotí inflatable - no matter the size – you will receive a repair kit and the necessary fundamental installation materials. You can also count on us for detailed advice about the regulations concerning the use of your Flotí products and will advise you on the anchoring, free of charge. It’s part of the service! Furthermore, you can choose to have your Flotí product delivered completely turnkey and anchored correctly. Additionally, we will remain available for questions and advice after delivery.

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